Dr Újszászi Bogár László (Ph.D)

I will analyse what kind of techniques work for your company and be sure even the worst salesperson will meet the numbers!

In spite of attending the MBA program at Harward Business School I have never met so powerful persuasion and sales technique until I met László. All of my salespeople were enrolled to his training!

Thomas Katona – Sales Director

More than sales 2500 people

More than 30 satisfied companies

Prize and awards

Zero company was asking for guarantee

European based companies

USA based companies

Asia based companies

I have developed a new and efficient persuasion system for personal selling

During my research I realized the human brain always simplifies the decision and it has to be examined from three different point of views:

  • how your brain aggregated and processed information before the sales
  • how it is done during the sales
  • how your brain processed the information after the sales

My complex BDA persuasion system is based on it.

I will customize it for your company and for your salespeople to make even more deals.

“The Persuasion Technique is an intelligent, scientific method which has no boundaries.

The only thing what the Master of this Technique can guarantee is it is worth investing in it. And it will be definitely worth it, no doubt.”

Katalin Huber Ilona – Managing director of Cleartex Ltd.

What does “scientifically proven” means?


As a university lecturer I believe in those persuasion methods which were tested by myself (or by a researcher who I acknowledge and respect) and the survey sample size was 300-500 (in respect of domestic market) and at least 5-8% extra growth was detected comparing to the control group.

dr. Újszászi Bogár László

Why is it better thane the other’s?

The salespeople do not just memorize and repeat the methods of the persuasion technique but they will deeply understand them. Mainly because we write the new training methods together. That is why the salespeople can adopt and use these techniques even after the training.

Simple. Measurable. Efficient.

“I was astonished realizing how much I am influenced by others and after the training how easier it was to convince somebody. My colleagues were talking for days about their experience of participating in the lectures.”

Ervin Sereghy – Managing director of Michelin Hungary

I cannot promise it can work for you. That is why I  need some information about your company.  This is the reason why the 100% guarantee for my service is not a mere marketing slogan therefore you do not have to be worried that this is just an illusion.

The only thing which makes sense to teach is something that can work in practice too.

That is why I suggest you to test my persuasion model in practice. Let’s check if I can convince you. Just like buying a car it is worth testing out.

I have references from many different sectors because the persuasion technology can be customized


(Real Estate, Building Industry, Finance and Insurance,Pharmaceutical industry,Energy industry, Informatic etc.)

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